Cosy in Cork Midsummer Festival 2019

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COSY Midsummer

After our very successful outing of KILLING STELLA in Belltable, Limerick on May 16th, our next Arts Council funded project up for Gaitkrash is COSY in Cork Midsummer Festival: 18th – 22nd June, at the Firkin Crane. The Festival Talks also bring the writer Kaite O’Reilly, director Phillip Zarrilli and CUH/UCC consultant for Gastroenterology Seamus O’Mahony, award-winning author of The Way We Die Now, together to discuss the last great taboo – death. Issues around death, the question of the right to choice about how and when we die, the medicalization of death – all embedded in the context of the troubled emotional life of a family of 3 generations of women, are at the heart of this very funny, bitter-sweet tragi-comedy by Kaite O’Reilly. See below links to the production, the Festival Talks, and some articles on Seamus O’Mahony’s books:

The first leg of the project in November 2018 – and events dating back to 2014 – that seeded and led up to the realization of this production, including two readings, a Perforum lecture and a Lecture in the Jennings Gallery Lunchtime series to mark UCC Disability Awareness Week in 2014, were supported by UCC: