Welcome to Gaitkrash

Gaitkrash was formed in 2007 by theatre artists Bernadette Cronin, Regina Crowley and sound and visual artist Mick O’Shea. The starting point of all our work is the alchemy of collaboration when different artistic filters come together to explore shared questions about human existence.

The cornerstone of our exploration happens at the intersection between image, text and sound, in keeping with Arnold Schopenhauer’s thesis that when images are accompanied by sound, “the sound seems to open up their most secret sense and meaning, and to constitute the clearest commentary on them”.

With each new project Gaitkrash continues to explore different entry-points to get at the nature of the creative process and to craft multi-modal performance events which share with the spectator new possibilities to experience and reflect.


Bernadette Cronin (bjcronin.cronin@gmail.com)
Regina Crowley (regina.crowley@cit.ie)
Mick O’Shea (mickos@ucc.ie)

Facebook: facebook.com/Gaitkrash/
Instagram: instagram.com/gaitkrash/