ENGLAND: A Play Written for a Gallery


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Take a guided tour through a gallery space as questions begin to arise. Are the two guides speaking about the same life? Are they two separate people or two voices of one person?

Art, Love, Death and Money all meet in Tim Crouch’s ENGLAND, A Play Written for a Gallery. Presented by GAITKRASH, featuring Regina Crowley, Frank Prendergast, and Mick O’Shea. A witty and satirical play about compassion and ruthlessness, about actions and their unimagined consequences. Like the human heart, beating with desires, fears, uncertainties, crises, self-deception, and – of course – its value on the international market.

Performance History

Crawford Art Gallery, Cork Midsummer Festival (June 15-22, 2018)


“ENGLAND is a pictogram of a search for a new heart. It continues theatre-maker Tim Crouch’s fascination with the nature of the theatrical experience; the communication of an idea from performer to audience – and back again.”   

—Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Regina Crowley, Bernadette Cronin and Mick O’Shea make rich, intelligent and deeply eloquent theatre. Their company, Gaitkrash, has the hallmark of a maturity bourn from wide experience. Despite its relatively short life, Gaitkrash doesn’t feel like a young company. In their programming, they follow artistic instincts that have been honed over many years of practice. Their decisions – in and out of the rehearsal room – are informed by a rigorous interrogation of process and form. Their passion stems from an understanding of what’s possible.  They work together because they want to work together; because they are still wide-eyed about the joyous and complex transformations that the theatre form makes possible.  It’s vary rare to see a company of such experience tackling new and challenging texts with such discipline and heart. It’s rare for me to feel so excited about where a company is going next. 

I was honoured that they chose a text of mine to produce.  Their production of ENGLAND, a play for galleries, was beautiful, compassionate and skilled.  I saw it at the Crawford Art Gallery during the Cork Midsummer Festival in 2018. It’s a play that requires great care and attention to language and detail. Gaitkrash demonstrated this and much more.  As well as being great theatre artists, they are also good people – generous in their hosting both of the work and the writer.” 

—Tim Crouch, on Gaitkrash’s production of England

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