Impossible Object

Impossible Object was presented for Just Art Association’s festival, ‘Is Theatre’ in OPEN Restaurant, Alicante, Spain.

In this immersive multisensory experience at OPEN Restaurant, we invited audiences to question the everyday things you take for granted. They came with us on a journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where dream and reality meet in surreality. The audiences was invited to leave their rational minds at the door and experience a bit of magic in a combination of video installation, sound art and execution of objects.

This group of artists from the south of Ireland invites you to encounter objects: strange, found, hidden, impossible. Based on sound art, video projection, text and performance, this group of artists seeks new ways of doing theater and attracting the public.

Working at the mix between theater, sound art and fine arts, Gaitkrash put on their magician’s cloak to reveal the familiar in the unknown and vice versa. Through manipulation and reframing, this performance invited audiences to see things differently.

Trailer created by Fania Vázquez Cortés.
IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT produced by Just Art Association