Pimping the Maids

Pimping the Maids

Gaitkrash and collaborators mined Genet’s modernist classic The Maids for ideas, themes and images for the purposes of ‘pimping’ or putting it back together again in a multi-media montage with a nuanced agenda. The work blended sound art, performance, dance and video to explore themes such as chaos and ritual, transgression and frustrated desire, religious fervour and the agony of ecstasy, nihilism and the energy of the pathological.

Performance History

Pimping the Maids featured in the Cork Midsummer Festival 2010 work-in-progress strand, a multi-media montage that ‘asset-stripped’ Genet’s famous play and ‘pimped’ or put it back together again with a nuanced agenda.

Contributors & Collaborators

Bernadette Cronin (Performance)
Regina Crowley (Performance)
Mick O’Shea (Sound Art)
Inmaculada Moya Pavon (Dance/Performance)
Irene Murphy (Outside Eye / Video)