Earth Angel

Earth Angel

Earthangel and Lake Time are the first two parts of a trilogy – a new piece of writing for the theatre – by Graham Allen, performed by Bernadette Cronin and Regina Crowley (Earthangel) and Mairin Prendergast (Lake Time). Sound/artist Mick O’Shea creates an aural landscape to the pieces as part of the live performance. Set and costume design is created by visual artist Katherine Beug.

Contributors & Collaborators

Graham Allen (Writer)
Bernadette Cronin (Performer)
Regina Crowley (Performer)
Adam Macelderry (Lighting Design & Operation)
Mary Noonan (Outside Eye)
Mick O’Shea (Sound artist/spectrophonic drawings/design/set construction)
Mairin Prendergast (Performer)

Special thanks to:
Katherine Beug, Franc Chamberlain, Claire Guerin, Liam Halligan, John Halpin, Irene Muphy, and John O’Connor.